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Ergonomics and Usability and Human-Computer Interaction

Human factors/ Ergonomics, Usability and Human computer interaction as research focus implies in learning new methods and techniques, and emphasizes human communication with systems. It all begins from task analysis during user’s interaction with: products; digital information or not; build environment; and transport systems. Research considers users characteristics as individual, cultural and instructional diversity and differences, and those with special needs as elderly and children.


  • Define Human factors/Ergonomics and investigation area, based on its object, objectives and methods, as its application areas, highlighting the Ergodesign’ concept;
  • Discuss the relationship between Human factors/Ergonomics and design methodology, pointing out the need of an ergodesigner since the beginning of each project;
  • Present and discuss ergonomic methodologies and its applications in distinct interfaces;
  • Provide methods, techniques and criteria that allow designers to identify and to diagnose ergonomics aspects when evaluation human costs associated to physical, cognitive and psychic load related to performance. In this context are also considered social, cultural and diversity aspects of involved users;
  • Present and discuss international standards and guidelines related to Ergodesign topics.